Our organization is about offering funding, growth strategies and unlocking the potential within both new and established businesses in order to create a new generation of best-in-growth companies.

Even though the market place and the economy is slowly recovering, there are over two million profitable businesses that will either fall into liquidation or be sold at a great loss. This offers an extraordinary opportunity to acquire various businesses well under $2 million dollars.

We want to invest in profitable businesses while aiding in resolving their common challenges. Through our assistance, these businesses will see growth, profitability and increased value.

Our goal is to add value and enhance the value of businesses at every level and opportunity. Whether searching for the best investment, finding business solutions or investing in and managing existing assets, we are there.

We stand firm on remaining dedicated with our commitment for excellence while meeting the needs of our small business partners, our investment partners, and our community. Community is something we believe we should always give back to in order to improve others lives.

We understand that our investment partners are searching for well-formed opportunities in order to increase their wealth, we offer an excellent hands-on opportunity through our investment partner program.
As an investment partner you will become involved with guiding profitable businesses to overcome complex obstacles, discover suitable levels of capital and recognize talented personnel to help the organization reach its full potential.

Our investment partners include; angel investors, private capital, and/or venture capital partners. The founder and creator of Major Unlimited saw a future in creating an innovative model of private equity in order to help investors reduce risk and actively participate in helping various businesses' growth.

Our executive team carry out exceptional perseverance in recognizing businesses that need strong management, a solid strategy and the ability to describe short-term action plans that will produce measurable results.

Our organization offers resources needed for infrastructure, back office support, financial guidance, targeted acquisitions, system structure, equity, debt capital, various strategic affiliations and growth strategies offered by our talented executive members. Our executive team will successfully execute action plans that are highly recommended by our executive team.

Whether you are looking for the best investment, finding business solutions or investing in and managing existing assets, we are here. Come join us and become a partner of the next generation in business opportunities or assistance for business growth, profitability and increased value. Come see for yourself.